Balenciaga Track

The Balenciaga Track Trainers: A statement of the times and new era Sneakography we are seeing unfold

The Balenciaga Track Trainer is here, the much-awaited sequel to the Triple S Sneaker, launched exclusively at Selfridges’, Corner Shop this week, surrounded by artworks by Mark Jenkins.
The statement sneaker is an anthem to trail running, with the category paraphrased in one shoe, with various moods or personalities reflected in the way color is applied, that also pays homage to various classic and well-recognised colour mixes from the category’s history, this sneaker sums up the category quite well and shows how phone app icons are shaping how we think and categorise aswell as how we then present also ourselves. Fashion is changing, as are we, and though many may disagree, what I see is the past being made accessible to the now and new generations. Remixing will become the core element of design as we move forward, as it has with music, and technology will continue to evolve, but its arena may well not be performance sports shoes as much as it was in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. I do miss those times BUT I also see a beauty in how we can now revisit and draw out the other 90% of potential that so many great creations had but didn’t get the time to explore as new items dropped seemingly on a monthly basis. This new era scares and excites in equal measure and price tags do most of the scaring, design does most of the exciting, I guess.
Along with the shoes, the Balenciaga takeover Sept 3-23 at Selfridges presented a corresponding apparel capsule featuring hoodies, T-shirts and socks with the word “Track” emblazoned, coming in white, red or black with prices ranging from £695 GBP ($895 USD) for a zip-up hoodie to £85 GBP ($110 USD) for a pair of socks. The sneakers are priced at £550 GBP ($705 USD).